5 Steps to Criminal Record Expungement

A criminal record can haunt a person for years after they have fulfilled the demands of the court. No matter how much they have tried to rehabilitate themselves or how well they have sought to make amends for their wrongdoing, they still may find it hard to get certain jobs or to procure student loans. Take a look below where we have compiled five steps for expunging a criminal record. If you feel you qualify, the best course of action is to contact a lawyer who can help you prepare the documents you need and who can affirm your eligibility for criminal record expungement.

1. If you have been convicted of a motor vehicle crime, you must prepare a motion with the court in which you were convicted. To complete the packet, you will need to include a set of fingerprints and a certified check. As of this writing, the State of Oregon asks for $80.00 to complete a motion to expunge motor vehicle crimes.

2. If your crime was committed and prosecuted under the juvenile justice system, it is possible to have the matter ″set aside. ″ A Multnomah County attorney can help you with this paperwork. Once successful, you can confidently state on any legal document that you have never been arrested or convicted of a crime. Make sure that your record has remained clean for the past five years since the crime.

3. Determine what sort of crime you were convicted of. A Class C felony, for instance could qualify. You might also be able to expunge a misdemeanor, violation, or a felony, which might be treated as a misdemeanor. A Portland criminal attorney that has a specialty in drug offenses can consult with you on your old drug charges. New legislation covers even very serious drug crimes, but they must be well in the past. Your attorney can help you determine if your infraction qualifies.

4. Perform a criminal background check on yourself to be certain that there are no errors. Make sure that there are no outstanding warrants which you might not be aware of and that you are ready to precede with the expungement process. A good criminal attorney can help you with this.

5. Double-check all of the current policies and procedures of the State of Oregon. Your Multnomah County criminal attorney can check to ensure that you have a good case for expungement. Be sure to include any proof of community service, all personal recommendations, and your excellent work record. Your case is only helped when you can prove that your time since committing a crime has been beneficial to the state and society in general.

Facing Accusation? You May Need a Sex Crimes Attorney!

Sex crimes are a travesty. They can devastate the victim and leave a wake of sadness and pain for years to come. However, not every case is as simple as we are often led to believe. The accused may be facing false charges or the case may have extenuating circumstances which need to be heard in a court of law. An attorney who specializes in sex crimes can help you find the defense you need to address the accusations. You deserve your day in court because you have rights under our legal system. So, if you are facing a sex crime charge, launch a defense with the best criminal defense lawyer around. This post will look at a few aspects relating to a sex crime charge, including:

  • Measure 11

  • Protecting Your Reputation

  • Protecting Your Rights

Measure 11

Oregon’s Measure 11 makes it vital to secure the best sex crimes attorney you can. This law dictates mandatory minimum sentences for defendants who are found guilty of the following sexually-related crimes:

  • Sexual Abuse I

  • Unlawful Sexual Penetration I & II

  • Sodomy I & II

  • Using a Child in a Display of Sexually Explicit Conduct

  • Compelling Prostitution

If you are charged with one of these, you could be facing more than 8 years – for Unlawful Penetration I. Your defense attorney can be invaluable in hearing your side of the story and making sure that all of the evidence is heard by the jury.

Protect Your Reputation

Any charge of sexual misconduct can be devastating. These acts carry a particular stigma in our culture, so if you are accused then you need an attorney to best represent your interests. Even after the trial is over, you will be glad that you had experienced representation on your side to help mitigate any damage to your personal or professional reputation. We will work to keep your name out of the sex offender registry so that your life can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Protect Your Rights

Remember that if you are accused of a sex crime that you need to exercise your rights. Don’t say a word to the police without speaking to an attorney first. Your words can be twisted against you without you even knowing it. When your attorney arrives, you can confide in them to ensure that your best interests are served. There is no need to create a bigger problem than has been started by the first accusation and no one knows better than a sex crimes attorney from Daniel Woram how to defend your rights.