Sex Crime & Offenses Charges

Since 1995, when Oregon Measure 11 was introduced, sex crime penalties have been severe.  It is not unusual for a prosecutor to charge a number of sex crimes in an Indictment, and then seek to request the Court to run the sentences consecutively.  Before 1995, a conviction for Sex Abuse in the First Degree would be a probationary sentence and maybe a little jail.  Now, with Ballot Measure 11, there is a mandatory minimum prison sentence of  75 months.  These are serious charges.  It is my experience that most charges, from Sex Abuse to Rape, are based upon statements of a complainant by themselves with little or no physical evidence.  There seems to be a rush to prosecute the most minor of allegations, which have major consequences.

I understand how distressing it is for a person to face these charges.  It is important to not converse with any police officers, social workers, or any other agents of the State prior to having the opportunity to speak with an attorney.  Anything you say will be used against you and will be interpreted against you.

As a criminal defense attorney I have successfully defended numerous allegations of sex crimes, and represented dozens of people in Oregon Measure 11 crimes, resulting in the reduction or dismissal of the charges.

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