Oregon Drug Offense Attorney

Drug offenses range from the serious charges of Manufacturing, Delivering and Possessing Methamphetamine, which can result in a substantial prison sentence, to Manufacturing, Delivering and Possessing Marijuana, which also have serious consequences.

It is often overwhelming for a person charged with a serious drug offense to look at the potential prison consequences.  It is important to have a criminal defense lawyer that is capable of being aggressive in addressing the lawfulness of the police actions that led to the arrest and charges.  Motions to Suppress any ill-gotten evidence are an important form of a defense.  It is also important for a person charged with these crimes to address any potential drug problems that they may have in order to not only get the help they need, but to minimize any potential sentences before the Court.

With over 25 years’ experience in representing hundreds of people in drug cases, I have successfully mitigated the effects of the charges in most cases. Contact us today to schedule a confidential consultation.

Oregon classifies drugs by Schedule, based on the dangerousness of the drugs or controlled substance that you are accused of manufacturing, possessing, delivering, or distributing.

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