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Daniel Woram – Criminal Defense Attorney

Experienced Lawyers in Oregon City, OR

Criminal Defense AttorneyI am committed to aggressively and ethically representing each and every client. Being investigated or charged with a crime can be an extremely stressful and devastating experience.  I will be dedicated to protecting the legal rights of my clients to the best of my ability.  My goal is to resolve my clients’ criminal legal issues so that they have minimal or no disruption to their lives.


Fully Qualified

I specialize in representing clients charged with criminal matters.  I have been a criminal defense attorney for over 25 years, and have represented clients charged with serious crimes, including Aggravated Murder/Death Penalty cases, Homicide, Robbery, serious Assault, and Sex Offenses to all types of Misdemeanors.  I have appeared in almost all Circuit Courts in Oregon and Superior Courts in Western Washington.  I also serve as a Pro Tem Judge in a number of Municipal Courts, and have served as Secretary of the Clackamas County Bar Association, and a Delegate for the Oregon State Bar.

My primary practice areas are Clackamas, Multnomah, and Washington counties, although I often appear in Marion, Columbia, Clatsop and Lincoln counties as well.

It is my belief that each and every client, whether charged with an Oregon Ballot Measure 11 crime or a misdemeanor, deserves zealous representation.  I have successfully attained numerous dismissals of charges and acquittals in cases that range from serious Ballot Measure 11 crimes to DUII misdemeanors.

Diligent and Effective

I understand the importance of a complete and aggressive defense strategy from initial contact with law enforcement and prosecutors through the resolution of the case or dismissal of the charges.  My primary goal is to prevent criminal charges from being filed, either before or after arrest.  I am also sensitive to the anxiety, confusion and apprehension that one may experience as a result of being accused of a crime.  I will strive to alleviate some of those feelings and other concerns through communication, and diligent and effective legal representation.